Spotlight With Aminatawa: Aminat Sanni-Kamal

Happiness is an entitlement I owe myself, I deserve to be happy.

Good evening everyone, remember I announced sometime ago that I would be interviewing myself on the spotlight this month and I asked you guys to ask me any questions you would like to know about me. So true to my words, I have compiled all the questions and I have tried my best to answer all the questions. I hope you guys get to know me better through this.
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Someone I Know Is About To Lose A Good Woman

Yes, Someone I know, is about to lose a good woman.

There’s this man and his wife, they started dating in the university and got married right after Uni, even though they were both jobless at the time. I think it had something to do with her getting pregnant and all. Continue reading “Someone I Know Is About To Lose A Good Woman”

Accepting Love: Episode Eleven

The first thing Debby noticed when she woke up the next morning, was that she wasn’t in her bed, her head was rested on something hard but, oddly comfortable. She snuggled closer to continue her sleep, because she wasn’t a morning person. But, alarm bells went off in her head the minute she realized she was completely naked and the something hard was Godwin’s naked, chiseled and breathing chest.

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Juju Influence In Family Problems: Reality or Imagination?

Today’s discussion might sound very odd to the ears of my readers because I normally don’t talk about things like this. But, this is from my personal experience and also from the experiences of some of my friends. In other words, this is not abstract or something out of a Yoruba movie. Continue reading “Juju Influence In Family Problems: Reality or Imagination?”

Special Announcement And A Request!!!

It’s almost morning, so I don’t know if it is appropriate to say good evening. Anyway,  I greet you all. 

Let me make this announcement brief because sleep is inside my eyes already. This month, the spotlight will be on me. If you are familiar with my blog,  you will know that the spotlight/interview section has featured strong and daring women like,  Kiru Taye,  Salmah Abdulsalam,  Demi Akin and more recently Barakah Bashir and Ohotu Ogbeche. This is just to mention a few.  It’s quite unfortunate that you may no longer find the oldest interviews on the blog because I once deleted all my blog posts and when I tried to restore them,  all the files were gone.  I still have the older interviews on my laptop and one day I’ll find time to put them all back.  Continue reading “Special Announcement And A Request!!!”