Juju Influence In Family Problems: Reality or Imagination?

Today’s discussion might sound very odd to the ears of my readers because I normally don’t talk about things like this. But, this is from my personal experience and also from the experiences of some of my friends. In other words, this is not abstract or something out of a Yoruba movie. Continue reading “Juju Influence In Family Problems: Reality or Imagination?”

Ten Useful Quotes To Help Start Your Week

I started writing down quotes; more like gathering them actually, when I started watching Being Mary Jane last year. And to be honest, it has really helped me. I started seeing things in a new light. I began to observe, listen and read carefully so as to pick out the positive things in people’s actions and words. Continue reading “Ten Useful Quotes To Help Start Your Week”

Top Five Controversial and Detrimental Issues People Avoid Talking About 

​“When the world is silent even one voice becomes powerful.”- Malala Yousafzai

The world has become a giant warzone where nobody wants to tolerate or accept the other person. Every day there is a person who has been killed because of his religion or the colour of his skin. Should we be enemies because we do not practice the same religion, or because the colour of my skin is black and yours is white? Every day, we find new excuses to breed hatred and foster antipathy. Under the guise of race and religion we hate each other, we forget that we all human beings breathing the same air and living in the same world. 

Every religion as far as I know all preach love, why then are Muslims being slaughted, raped, maimed  and displaced from their homes by extremist Buhdists? Why are Islamic countries refusing to lend a helping hand to the Muslims of Rohingya who have to flee from their homes?

Why is religion an enabler for hatred and murder? This is the question I have been asking myself for many years but, I think the most important question is: why is the world silently watching as we self-destruct?   Continue reading “Top Five Controversial and Detrimental Issues People Avoid Talking About “