Sneak Peek Into My New Book ‘She’

Picture from instagram @officaltrendexpress

Hello guys, I know it has been a minute and there are a lot of pending posts I’m yet to put up on the blog. I’ll have to beg you to continue to be patient with me because I am trying to do a lot things at the same time but, I am only one woman. Everything I have to do will eventually get done but, it will take time. Please bear with me. Continue reading “Sneak Peek Into My New Book ‘She’”


​I was fourteen and I had just gotten into Senior Secondary School, the first time a man told me I was beautiful. I was ecstatic; nothing else mattered in the world. I began to make efforts to make myself look more beautiful for him. I remember using excessive amount of white powder on my face and lip gloss that were so thick that it was difficult for me to talk, because my lips kept sticking together. But, after all my trouble, I never got another compliment from the man who happened to be my mathematics teacher and he was not even good looking.   Continue reading “YET ANOTHER DATE”