Past Baggage In A Present Relationship: Tiwa and Mide as Case Study

I wrote an article recently on about whether you need to divulge the information of your body count to your partner. That post is different from this one because here I’ll be talking about whether it is important to let your partner know about your past relationships or in this case, one night stands. Some of you may have already guessed but for those who haven’t this post is largely inspired by the last episode of Skinny Girl In Transit. Episode Ten: Liars Perish. Continue reading “Past Baggage In A Present Relationship: Tiwa and Mide as Case Study”

Accepting Love: Episode Two

Debby swallowed hard for those were the exact words he had said to her back then. She remembered, because those words had hunted her from the very first moment she had heard them. Why they did, she had no idea.

Click here if you haven’t read episode One. 

“Look, I don’t have time for this, are we going to do this interview or what? I wouldn’t be here if Elizabeth hadn’t forced me. So, let’s get this over with.” She could not hide her annoyance as she took her seat opposite him. He had not offered her a seat but she was tired of standing in her eight inch heels. 

“This is so typical of you.”  He said as he reclined on his seat, looking at her through his lash hooded eyes. What was the deal with his lashes? She was a woman and she didn’t have lashes as long as his, it was one of the things that irritated her about him. Why did he have to look so perfect? Continue reading “Accepting Love: Episode Two”