Ten Things To Remember Before The End of 2017

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit with the exclamation marks since we all know our Nigeria is where we want it to be. But, we need to take a little break from all the winning and complaining about how there is nothing to celebrate about our independence. Let’s reflect on ourselves a little bit, it’s independence day, but it is also three months to the end of 2017! Continue reading “Ten Things To Remember Before The End of 2017”

The Woman In The Mud

​​“The candle can do nothing 

  About his downfall 

  So he cries over it”

   – The Anonymous Cherif

“Bloody rain!” Yara cursed as she tried with great difficulty to navigate her Toyota Camry on the sticky muddy road. As if her day had not gone terribly enough; it had to rain heavily. Her apartment just happened to be on one of the roughest and non-tarred streets of Lagos. Continue reading “The Woman In The Mud”