Dear Bestie

Dear O.

Hey, I was going through my old laptop and I saw the folder I created for us back then in 2009. So long ago now. The pictures you sent me, the emails I saved in there, the poems, yes, the poems. the erotic and the romantic ones, I still have them. I know this revelation might surprise you knowing how nonchalant I was about you then. About us. I blame myself for that. You showed me love like no other, talked to me and with me all through my sad times (had too many of those, didn’t I? Lol)

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Ten Things To Remember Before The End of 2017

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit with the exclamation marks since we all know our Nigeria is where we want it to be. But, we need to take a little break from all the winning and complaining about how there is nothing to celebrate about our independence. Let’s reflect on ourselves a little bit, it’s independence day, but it is also three months to the end of 2017! Continue reading “Ten Things To Remember Before The End of 2017”