Sneak Peek Into My New Book ‘She’

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Hello guys, I know it has been a minute and there are a lot of pending posts I’m yet to put up on the blog. I’ll have to beg you to continue to be patient with me because I am trying to do a lot things at the same time but, I am only one woman. Everything I have to do will eventually get done but, it will take time. Please bear with me. Continue reading “Sneak Peek Into My New Book ‘She’”

Accepting Love: Episode Eleven

The first thing Debby noticed when she woke up the next morning, was that she wasn’t in her bed, her head was rested on something hard but, oddly comfortable. She snuggled closer to continue her sleep, because she wasn’t a morning person. But, alarm bells went off in her head the minute she realized she was completely naked and the something hard was Godwin’s naked, chiseled and breathing chest.

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Financial Responsibilities in a Relationship: Whose Duty? 

If you can’t already tell from the topic, I’ll be talking about financial responsibilities in a relationship. Relationship in this post does not include marital relationship. I’m talking about relationship in the courtship/dating stage.   Continue reading “Financial Responsibilities in a Relationship: Whose Duty? “

Accepting Love: Episode Six

Debby’s phone beeped as she was about to unlock the front door and step into her house; it was a text from her sister.

“You can run but you cannot hide, sooner or later you are going to tell me what happened at the interview. Don’t forget to be at my house on the last Friday of the month, or I’m going to kill you.” The text read. Continue reading “Accepting Love: Episode Six”