How Nollywood Movies Almost Ruined My Upbringing

During a discussion with a friend a few weeks ago, he mentioned that growing up, he had thought that the only solution there was to any problem was to go to ‘babalawo’ as he’d put it. At first, I thought what he said sounded weird until, he said it was due to Nigerian movies he’d watched while growing up. When I thought about it deeply, I knew I wasn’t any different. Continue reading “How Nollywood Movies Almost Ruined My Upbringing”

Ten Favorite Movies I Can Watch Over and Over!!!

When I started this list I realized I had way too many favorite movies and it was hard for me to settle for this ten. It wouldn’t be right for me to call them my Top ten favorite movies because it would seem as if I’m cheating on other movies I absolutely love. So,  in no particular order,  here are ten of my favorite movies that I can watch over and over again. (This list does not include series.) Continue reading “Ten Favorite Movies I Can Watch Over and Over!!!”