#dayofthegirlchild: What Does The Girl-Child Need?

For people who do not know, today is the International Day of the girl-child and it also happens to be my blog’s birthday. When I started this blog I had no idea that October 11th was designated as day of the girl child and, it has been so since 2012. I’m going to take it as a sign that I am doing the right thing; what God really wants me to do.
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Spotlight With Aminatawa: Barakah Bashir

Hooray, The Interview Section is back!!!
This month’s spotlight is on Barakah Bashir, a medical student, a Lifestyle blogger (barakahsthoughts.com.ng), a community development worker and and a freelance writer amongst other things that she does. She has strong passion for girl child advocacy and she is big on self-empowerment.

1. How and why did you start blogging?

Prior to getting into medical school, I was Involved in a lot of activities, but on getting into medical school things just became over whelming and depressing because as much as wanting to become a doctor makes me happy, there are loads of other things that makes me happy one of which is writing, Which I had abandoned for a while, So on this faithful evening, I felt I had so much to say, so I grabbed my journal but then I said to myself, “How about sharing it with the world instead”….The rest they say is history…

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