Past Baggage In A Present Relationship: Tiwa and Mide as Case Study

I wrote an article recently on about whether you need to divulge the information of your body count to your partner. That post is different from this one because here I’ll be talking about whether it is important to let your partner know about your past relationships or in this case, one night stands. Some of you may have already guessed but for those who haven’t this post is largely inspired by the last episode of Skinny Girl In Transit. Episode Ten: Liars Perish. Continue reading “Past Baggage In A Present Relationship: Tiwa and Mide as Case Study”

Accepting Love: Episode Ten

Debby slumped on her bed and let the tears flow freely, she did not even know why she was crying and the more she tried to understand, the more the tears poured out of her. Her throat burned so much because of how hard she had tried to suppress her tears. Continue reading “Accepting Love: Episode Ten”

Accepting Love: Episode Seven

“This one that your face is glowing, tell me what’s happening?” Elizabeth who was six months pregnant probed her sister. They were in Elizabeth’s bedroom waiting for dinner to be served. Elizabeth had talked Derek into starting a tradition where the family had dinner together every last Friday of the month.

“Which one is glowing again now enh, do I look different from the last time you saw me?” Debby said without looking up from her phone. Elizabeth snatched the phone from her threw it far away on the bed where they both sat. Debby reached for but, Elizabeth held her hand, preventing her from getting to the phone. Continue reading “Accepting Love: Episode Seven”

Accepting Love: Episode Six

Debby’s phone beeped as she was about to unlock the front door and step into her house; it was a text from her sister.

“You can run but you cannot hide, sooner or later you are going to tell me what happened at the interview. Don’t forget to be at my house on the last Friday of the month, or I’m going to kill you.” The text read. Continue reading “Accepting Love: Episode Six”