Accepting Love: Episode Six

Debby’s phone beeped as she was about to unlock the front door and step into her house; it was a text from her sister.

“You can run but you cannot hide, sooner or later you are going to tell me what happened at the interview. Don’t forget to be at my house on the last Friday of the month, or I’m going to kill you.” The text read. Continue reading “Accepting Love: Episode Six”

Cheating in a Relationship: Causes, Effects and Alternatives

Lack of sexual satisfaction, desire to try new sexual activities,  falling in love with someone else, falling out of love with one’s partner,  greed, wandering eyes, psychological trauma, these and many more are reasons people have claimed made them cheat on their partners.  Continue reading “Cheating in a Relationship: Causes, Effects and Alternatives”

The Woman In The Mud

​​“The candle can do nothing 

  About his downfall 

  So he cries over it”

   – The Anonymous Cherif

“Bloody rain!” Yara cursed as she tried with great difficulty to navigate her Toyota Camry on the sticky muddy road. As if her day had not gone terribly enough; it had to rain heavily. Her apartment just happened to be on one of the roughest and non-tarred streets of Lagos. Continue reading “The Woman In The Mud”