Accepting Love: Episode One

Author’s Note 

Hey Guys remember ‘Remebering Love’, Elizabeth and Derek’s story?  I’m you do because you all loved it,judging by the views and reactions the series got.Well if you don’t you can click on the PDF file at the end of the post, to read the full story since I already deleted it from the blog along with my old posts. This is Godwin and Deborah’s story.I heard your advice, this series is will be more engaging and I can promise you that this won’t have an abrupt ending like Remembering Love did.  I haven’t found the appropriate cover for the story yet but,when I do I’ll insert it into the post.Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Accepting Love!


If someone had told Deborah Adedayo Smith that when she graduated from the university four years ago, she would end up working for Godwin Onimide-Coker, not only wouldn’t she have believed it, she would have made an eternal enemy with whoever had said it. But there she was, about to step into the office of a man she despised for an interview and, it was all her sister’s doing.

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