​I was fourteen and I had just gotten into Senior Secondary School, the first time a man told me I was beautiful. I was ecstatic; nothing else mattered in the world. I began to make efforts to make myself look more beautiful for him. I remember using excessive amount of white powder on my face and lip gloss that were so thick that it was difficult for me to talk, because my lips kept sticking together. But, after all my trouble, I never got another compliment from the man who happened to be my mathematics teacher and he was not even good looking.   Continue reading “YET ANOTHER DATE”

Ten Favorite Movies I Can Watch Over and Over!!!

When I started this list I realized I had way too many favorite movies and it was hard for me to settle for this ten. It wouldn’t be right for me to call them my Top ten favorite movies because it would seem as if I’m cheating on other movies I absolutely love. So,  in no particular order,  here are ten of my favorite movies that I can watch over and over again. (This list does not include series.) Continue reading “Ten Favorite Movies I Can Watch Over and Over!!!”

Accepting Love: Episode One

Author’s Note 

Hey Guys remember ‘Remebering Love’, Elizabeth and Derek’s story?  I’m you do because you all loved it,judging by the views and reactions the series got.Well if you don’t you can click on the PDF file at the end of the post, to read the full story since I already deleted it from the blog along with my old posts. This is Godwin and Deborah’s story.I heard your advice, this series is will be more engaging and I can promise you that this won’t have an abrupt ending like Remembering Love did.  I haven’t found the appropriate cover for the story yet but,when I do I’ll insert it into the post.Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Accepting Love!


If someone had told Deborah Adedayo Smith that when she graduated from the university four years ago, she would end up working for Godwin Onimide-Coker, not only wouldn’t she have believed it, she would have made an eternal enemy with whoever had said it. But there she was, about to step into the office of a man she despised for an interview and, it was all her sister’s doing.

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Top Ten Hilarious Superstitions We Believed in As Kids And Eid Outfit Inspirations by My Top Three Modest Style influencers 

We all cannot deny that at one point in our lives we believed so vehemently in some superstitions. At least, I know I did. So somehow, I don’t know how the thought came into my head, but I found myself laughing at some of the ridiculous superstitions I believed in as a child. And I thought, why don’t I write about some of the hilarious superstitions that I had at some point in my life believed in and some that were so ridiculous that I did not give a second thought. I did not even give a second thought at all.  And since Eid is just around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my favourite bloggers’ Eid Style Inspiration.

Here are some superstitions I can remember:

  1. Don’t eat while standing; all the food will go to your legs.
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Not Practicing Your Parents Religion: A sinful Malady?

Hey guys, this is my first post since I deleted all my previous posts. I thought I was going to take a very long break from blogging but, here I am starting all of over again. This is also the first post of a new segment called ‘Stories Around Me.’ Under this segment I’ll talk about events that have happened around me (obviously) and form my opinion on issues arising from these stories. Without wasting more time let me dive straight into it.

I went to a wedding recently with my mum and at the wedding/engagement, (you know people will talk about the bride and the groom after all, it’s a wedding) we heard that the bride’s parents converted from Islam to Christianity and later reverted back into Islam. But, the bride did not go back to Islam like her parents did and she found herself a Christian husband but, her parents insisted they should be joined together in the Islamic way. Continue reading “Not Practicing Your Parents Religion: A sinful Malady?”