Someone I Know Is About To Lose A Good Woman

Yes, Someone I know, is about to lose a good woman.

There’s this man and his wife, they started dating in the university and got married right after Uni, even though they were both jobless at the time. I think it had something to do with her getting pregnant and all. Continue reading “Someone I Know Is About To Lose A Good Woman”

Ten Insensitive Things You Should Never Do To A Physically Challenged Person

I put this post under the ‘Stories Around Me’ category because it is sort of personal to me. Growing up,  I wired myself to brush away some things and not let them get to me. It’s not that I don’t see these things or notice them,  I just don’t let it affect me.  Trust me, getting to this point was pretty difficult. Okay,  in case you are confused,  I was born with a discrepancy between my legs. So I work with a limp and with the aid of a shoe raise. Now,  I passed through three stages in my life. 

  1. The period that I didn’t even know I was different. 
  2. The period when my self-esteem did not have a chance to build it self because I killed it by letting the awkwardness get to me. 
  3. The period when I realized that being different isn’t a curse,  it’s a compliment, it’s an empowerment. At this point, my self esteem sky-rocketed. 

    I did not go through these stages alone, and it is definitely not as easy as I make it seem.  I’m very grateful to God for giving me an amazing family and friends any one would die to have. (you know yourselves) I am not going to lie to you and say I don’t see things or I don’t care about these things. I see them and I care, I just don’t let it get to me.  So, based on my personal experiences, here are ten insensitive things you should never do to a differently able or physically challenged person. Continue reading “Ten Insensitive Things You Should Never Do To A Physically Challenged Person”

    Not Practicing Your Parents Religion: A sinful Malady?

    Hey guys, this is my first post since I deleted all my previous posts. I thought I was going to take a very long break from blogging but, here I am starting all of over again. This is also the first post of a new segment called ‘Stories Around Me.’ Under this segment I’ll talk about events that have happened around me (obviously) and form my opinion on issues arising from these stories. Without wasting more time let me dive straight into it.

    I went to a wedding recently with my mum and at the wedding/engagement, (you know people will talk about the bride and the groom after all, it’s a wedding) we heard that the bride’s parents converted from Islam to Christianity and later reverted back into Islam. But, the bride did not go back to Islam like her parents did and she found herself a Christian husband but, her parents insisted they should be joined together in the Islamic way. Continue reading “Not Practicing Your Parents Religion: A sinful Malady?”