I should have done this a while ago. But, it’s never to late Deborah blog on, and she did an amazing review of my book. Which I published earlier this year.


Aminatawa through the character of Ademolawa explored the aftermath of rape on a victim. Ademolawa, a princess, survived a rape attempt after her father rescued her. However, life wasn’t the same with her after that. She shut out completely and refused to trust or love again. Society did not take time to name her Queen of Ice. Even without anyone trying to find out why she suddenly became cold.

Her grandmother however did not back down after her father involved her to help bring Ademolawa back to her usual self. This was after she insulted her fiancé and left him with no choice than to break their engagement.

Through her grandma’s character, we traveled through an history of the original princess, Ademolawa who has supernatural Ice power and has always been known as Queen of Ice. Mo realized why she was named after this ancient princess and mirrored her life through her acts. Continue reading “REVIEW OF MY BOOK ‘QUEEN OF ICE’ BY DEBORAH AKINGBOYE”