My First Post Of The Year + Five of my Favorite Pictures of 2017

Happy New Year Everyone, pardon my lateness.

It’s still the first week of the year and so many people are sharing their New Year resolutions and goals they want to achieve before the year runs out. So, I started thinking and thinking about what my new year resolutions will be but to no avail because my mind kept coming up blank. Eventually I gave up because honestly, I have been here before and my body has wired itself not to repeat the same mistakes. Continue reading “My First Post Of The Year + Five of my Favorite Pictures of 2017”

Past Baggage In A Present Relationship: Tiwa and Mide as Case Study

I wrote an article recently on about whether you need to divulge the information of your body count to your partner. That post is different from this one because here I’ll be talking about whether it is important to let your partner know about your past relationships or in this case, one night stands. Some of you may have already guessed but for those who haven’t this post is largely inspired by the last episode of Skinny Girl In Transit. Episode Ten: Liars Perish. Continue reading “Past Baggage In A Present Relationship: Tiwa and Mide as Case Study”

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Woman?

What comes to your mind, when you hear the term “Good Woman”? For instance if you hear someone say “Ada is a Good Woman.” Without knowing who “Ada” is, what qualities do you think makes Ada a “Good Woman”? Continue reading “What Does It Mean To Be A Good Woman?”

Juju Influence In Family Problems: Reality or Imagination?

Today’s discussion might sound very odd to the ears of my readers because I normally don’t talk about things like this. But, this is from my personal experience and also from the experiences of some of my friends. In other words, this is not abstract or something out of a Yoruba movie. Continue reading “Juju Influence In Family Problems: Reality or Imagination?”

Special Announcement And A Request!!!

It’s almost morning, so I don’t know if it is appropriate to say good evening. Anyway,  I greet you all. 

Let me make this announcement brief because sleep is inside my eyes already. This month, the spotlight will be on me. If you are familiar with my blog,  you will know that the spotlight/interview section has featured strong and daring women like,  Kiru Taye,  Salmah Abdulsalam,  Demi Akin and more recently Barakah Bashir and Ohotu Ogbeche. This is just to mention a few.  It’s quite unfortunate that you may no longer find the oldest interviews on the blog because I once deleted all my blog posts and when I tried to restore them,  all the files were gone.  I still have the older interviews on my laptop and one day I’ll find time to put them all back.  Continue reading “Special Announcement And A Request!!!”