Accepting Love: Story So Far + Second Season Premiere Date!!!

Accepting Love is the second story in the Smith Women Series, the first one is Remebering Love, an updated version of the latter is now available on Okadabooks, click here to download, it’s free.
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Sneak Peek Into My New Book ‘She’

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Accepting Love: Episode Eleven

The first thing Debby noticed when she woke up the next morning, was that she wasn’t in her bed, her head was rested on something hard but, oddly comfortable. She snuggled closer to continue her sleep, because she wasn’t a morning person. But, alarm bells went off in her head the minute she realized she was completely naked and the something hard was Godwin’s naked, chiseled and breathing chest.

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Accepting Love: Episode Ten

Debby slumped on her bed and let the tears flow freely, she did not even know why she was crying and the more she tried to understand, the more the tears poured out of her. Her throat burned so much because of how hard she had tried to suppress her tears. Continue reading “Accepting Love: Episode Ten”

Accepting Love: Episode Nine

Susan also left, after furiously refusing Godwin’s offer to drive her home. Beth retired to her bedroom leaving a still dumbfounded Derek and a very confused Godwin at the table.

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