After what felt like 500 days of January, I am pleased to welcome you all to a blissful and romantic February. I can bet a lot of people are already thinking of what to wear,
where to take that special person or even what to buy for that special person, because Valentine is just around the corner and some people already have it all figured out. It’s all very exciting, even for someone like me, who is not really into the whole Valentine’s Day buzz.

You know, the dresses, the chocolates, the candlelit dinners, the sweet smelling seductive perfumes, the gifts all these and many more are enough to get someone excited. Some people might even cease the opportunity of the romantic season to ask the big question. I know it sounds cliché, I mean proposing on Valentine’s Day and stuff but, people still do it and it is still very romantic for some people.

Every woman has an idea in her head on how she wants to be proposed to, (some women don’t even mind doing the proposing) I know I have it all planned out in my head, how I would want my man to propose to me. But, when it comes to proposals are there any determinant factors? Is it really always a surprise? Does the length of the relationship matter?

One time, a girl said that, she is at a point where, if her boyfriend throws the ring at her, she would grab it because they have been in relationship for a long time and she doesn’t know what is taking him so long to ask her to marry him. And, when she made that statement, I sensed desperation because if you don’t care how you are asked, you just want to be asked then; I believe romance has been replaced with desperation.

Anyway moving on, some people believe proposals after six months of dating is way too early and that they should have dated for at least two years while some people will tell you two years is even still too early. Well, in my own opinion, I don’t think the length of the relationship should be a determinant factor because, when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, why would you want to waste time on some unnecessary technicalities?

Do I think Proposals are always a surprise? No I do not. This is because I believe that when you are in serious relationship with someone, one way or the other you would have discussed marriage, or even the names you want to give your children, how many children you want to have, even simple discussions such as interior decoration of your home and stuff like that. I think proposals are just there to seal the deal, you know, a romantic way to ask for your official consent. I think the only thing that has the element of surprise, is the day or when you get asked not the asking itself. This is just my own opinion.

We also have the elaborate proposals, the public proposals and the ridiculous proposals. Seriously why do people like overly dramatic proposals, proposing at airports, during passing out parade at NYSC, street proposals, pretending to be dead kind of proposals, what is the BIG IDEA? I really do not get. I know some men really want to outdo themselves to impress their women when they propose and I know some women like it but, it doesn’t change the fact that some proposals are just ridiculous, no other words for it.

Over dramatic proposals ruin the whole idea of romance, thank you very much. To me, I think the type of proposal you partner does determines how well he actually knows you, even the kind of ring he gives you is important. Rings don’t have to be unnecessarily expensive or even over the top, they can be simple, they can be elaborate, they can be moderate, it doesn’t matter, what matters is if it is the kind ring you would wear. Like I said, the kind of proposal and ring you get tells how well your partner knows you.

These are just my own opinions; you know single people always have the most to say about relationships. Now, it is your turn what are your takes on Valentine’s Day, proposals and rings?

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