Accepting Love: Story So Far + Second Season Premiere Date!!!

Accepting Love is the second story in the Smith Women Series, the first one is Remebering Love, an updated version of the latter is now available on Okadabooks, click here to download, it’s free.

Moving on to tonight’s business, so far, on Accepting Love we have eleven episodes which has been well received by you guys, judging by the views and comments on each episode. Thank you everyone for the love and support. So, let’s do a quick and precise recap on what’s has been happening so far on the series.

Episode One started with an introduction to our main characters, Deborah Smith and Godwin Onimide-Coker and let’s not forget that hot kiss that happened between them in Godwin’s office.

We have also seen that both of them are undoubtedly attracted to each other but unfortunately, they both have a serious aversion to love. Debby’s reason for this aversion is well known to us; she and her sister Beth had witnessed their mother suffer domestic violence in the hands of their father and Debby had come to the conclusion that love made her mother endure undue suffering so, she vowed never to make herself so vulnerable. But, the reason for Godwin’s aversion to love is still unknown to us.

However, this is not the couple’s only obstacle, Deborah has a stalker whom she is not aware of yet. Audrey, a man she met at a Mall and had gone a date with once; a man who has decided that Deborah belongs to him. While Godwin has a girlfriend with whom he is in a loveless relationship with.

Godwin and Susan, his girlfriend both have an agreement that their relationship could end at anytime because, there was no love in it. But, things changed, Susan developed feelings for Godwin and is yet to tell him about it. Susan also has a cousin, April, who moved back into the country simply because she had seen Godwin’s picture in a magazine and had decided he would be her husband. Only for her to move back to Nigeria to find out that Susan was already dating him.

April is determined to break up their relationship and get Godwin to herself at all cost, Audrey wants to be the only person in Debby’s life, Godwin and Debby continue to deny their ten year old feelings towards each other, masking it under the pretense of hatred because they still have sores from the pasts which has refused to heal.

Everything was as fine and as normal as it could be, until that fateful family dinner organized by Beth, Debby’s drama loving sister, who also happened to be married to Godwin’s brother Derek (read their story here) it was at this family dinner that Pandora’s box was opened.

I think this basically sums up the past eleven episodes, Let me know what I missed out in the comment box.

Now, to the part we have all been waiting for; The second season of Accepting Love premieres on Tuesday 6th of February 2018 at 7.PM

If you would like to start reading from episode one, click here.

Thank you very much once again for your patience and love on the series despite the typos and all. Now tell me, guys what do you love about Accepting Love? What makes it so interesting to you?

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  1. The fact that it is a Sequel to remembering love and I didn’t even notice until you alluded to a part of remembering love. Amazing story I must say.

  2. Finally! If you know how I’ve been stalking this blog ehn…..
    I’m coming, lemme go and download the ‘Remembering love’ on Okada fess.

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