Sneak Peek Into My New Book ‘She’

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Hello guys, I know it has been a minute and there are a lot of pending posts I’m yet to put up on the blog. I’ll have to beg you to continue to be patient with me because I am trying to do a lot things at the same time but, I am only one woman. Everything I have to do will eventually get done but, it will take time. Please bear with me.

Tonight, I want to share with you the introduction into my next book which I’m still writing. It is titled ‘She’. It’s a collection of eight short stories featuring eight different women. Yes, Salmah I decided to turn it into an anthology.

This book is a product of some of my penned down emotions at a particular point in my life, which I’ll also share with you inside the book. I can’t make any promises as to when the book will be out but it won’t be later than next year. Below is the intro, tell me what you guys think:


She must be an epitome of perfection and class.

She must not speak loudly, she must always keep her opinions to herself except when she is asked and even then, her opinions must be minimal. She must not be lazy, she must be an exceptional cook, she must always be respectful, she must dress in a certain way. She should be seen but not be heard and in some cases she shouldn’t even be seen at all. Let me cut the long story short, she must be a wife material that measures up to a million yards.

And for some other people, when she is only a wife and a mother then, she is nothing but an unambitious, lazy housewife who does nothing except to wait on her husband and children. She is repulsive; a failure.

So, let’s start all over again.

She must be educated but it is useless if she cannot cook, she must have a career but she must also have a husband , she must have a voice but she must not use it, she must be rich but not too rich, she must have standards but they must not be too high. She must have kids and be the perfect role model to them. She must also strive and work ten times harder to be recognized in her chosen career. She must stand tall but not too tall and when she is crumbling on the inside, she must wear a mask of happiness on the outside.

Oh, it’s not finished yet, she must not be boring, she must have a good sense of humor, she must be sexy, she must know how to work those heels, she must be great in bed, flexible and knowledgeable about every sex position. To add to this, she must be prayerful and her faith in God must be unshakable. You know, she has to be a good bitch and a bad bitch at the same time.

Damn…. Wow.

We have to admit that to be all these is exhausting as fuck and sometimes, she just wants to be single, ordinary, average and boring and there is no crime in that.

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  1. I can’t wait to see this. I will like to marry an exceptional lady as well…keep it rolling dear. May Allah make you surpass your expectations

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