What Does It Mean To Be A Good Woman?

What comes to your mind, when you hear the term “Good Woman”? For instance if you hear someone say “Ada is a Good Woman.” Without knowing who “Ada” is, what qualities do you think makes Ada a “Good Woman”?

Many people will say that a Good Woman is a woman who believes in God, a woman who respects others, a woman who respects her husband, a woman who knows her place, a woman who is willing to give her all to her husband and her children, a woman who dresses appropriately and decently and so on.

Growing up, I have realized that a woman has to conform to some certain behavioural standards set by the society. What brought about this topic, you might ask? Well, remember I did a blog post about a week ago or thereabout and I titled it “Someone I Know Is About To Lose A Good Woman. the post was based on true happenings. After putting up that post, I began to wonder what exactly qualifies a woman to be a “Good Woman”?

The woman I talked about in the post at least to my knowledge believes in God, she loves her husband and respects to him so much that she doesn’t want to let go no matter what. She also respects her in laws no matter the age, she is hardworking and she is gentle; doesn’t like to fight. So, in the blog post I called a Good Woman.

Then I began to have this nagging thought, questioning my choice of title. Is this really all it takes to be a Good Woman? I don’t deny that all the qualities I mentioned above are some qualities of a good woman including respecting your husband as long as you are respected in return. But, is this everything?

What happens to a woman who doesn’t believe there is a God but, has a good and kind heart? What about the woman who is true to herself and cannot pretend to be someone she is not? Or a woman who will speak up and not allow herself to be bullied into silence? What of the woman who doesn’t want to get married or even have kids? Or the woman who has standards that she will never bring down because she knows she is better than settling for less? I can go on and on about so many other qualities that a woman can have?

What do we call women with these qualities… Bad Women, Rebels?

With the exceptions of not believing in a God and not wanting marriage and kids, I have these other qualities. And if I cannot be called a Good Woman because of this then I think I am a Bad Woman.

Or maybe I am a tainted Good Woman since I believe in God and in the institution of marriage. Lol…typing this sounds ridiculous even to me. But what can we do when we live in a society that believes in labels and tags?

Remember that when I say society I mean you and I because whether we like it or not, we make up the society.

Well, I have said my piece and now I want to hear yours, what does the term Good Woman mean to you?

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  1. My dear! I believe what makes a good woman is relative. What makes a woman good in my view may make her bad in your view. The basic thing is just for every woman to keep being herself. At least,ONE person will think good of her.

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