Special Announcement And A Request!!!

It’s almost morning, so I don’t know if it is appropriate to say good evening. Anyway,  I greet you all. 

Let me make this announcement brief because sleep is inside my eyes already. This month, the spotlight will be on me. If you are familiar with my blog,  you will know that the spotlight/interview section has featured strong and daring women like,  Kiru Taye,  Salmah Abdulsalam,  Demi Akin and more recently Barakah Bashir and Ohotu Ogbeche. This is just to mention a few.  It’s quite unfortunate that you may no longer find the oldest interviews on the blog because I once deleted all my blog posts and when I tried to restore them,  all the files were gone.  I still have the older interviews on my laptop and one day I’ll find time to put them all back. 

I’m already saying long story.  Anyway, a lot of my readers have been asking me to talk about myself, to say more than something that they already know. And,  since my blog features mostly but not limited to strong, daring and ambitious women,  women who never take no for an answer,  women who take up challenges. I have decided to oblige you all and interview myself this month. After all,  I am a strong, beautiful and daring woman too. 

But,  it would be weird for me to ask myself questions and answer them too. So, this is where the request comes in,  I have thrown it open to everyone here. Send me your questions, ask me anything you want to know about me. You can ask me ANYTHING, personal or otherwise, anything at all that you want to know about me. 

It’s your chance to bond with me before I blow and become a celebrity. You can leave your questions in the comment box,  send me a message on whatsapp for those who have my number or just send an email to aminatawastories@gmail.com 

I’ll make a compilation of the top thirty or so questions (at random) and answer them at the end of this month. So,  start sending in your questions, you can ask many questions as possible.

Yes,  that’s the special announcement. Have a wonderful night everyone and for those who haven’t subscribed to my blog I’m watching you all in 3D. 

6 Replies to “Special Announcement And A Request!!!”

  1. Yaaaay!

    This is amazing to do.

    My questions are these:
    How was growing up like for you?
    And what inspired you to study law?
    Where do you see your blog in 3 years?

  2. We both know why I haven’t asked questions Aminah! Anyways, here they are.
    1. What inspired your Feminism?
    2. Should you meet a guy online, how do you take care of having to inform him of your condition or meet him in person without informing him of your condition?
    3. Someone once told me you are one of the few people with physical issues but likes fashion. Do you ever see your condition as a setback in any sphere of life?
    My questions are long I know but make sure you re-frame them. Warm regards dear.

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