Accepting Love: Episode Ten

Debby slumped on her bed and let the tears flow freely, she did not even know why she was crying and the more she tried to understand, the more the tears poured out of her. Her throat burned so much because of how hard she had tried to suppress her tears.
She hated crying, she hated being weak, she hated Beth for having her life put together and perfect. She hated her jobless status, she wasn’t ready to work for her mother, to help in running in the school. Apart from the fact that she didn’t like children, She wanted her own thing, all her life she had been dependent on her family, she felt practically useless. The house she lived in was bought by her sister, the car she drove was bought for her by her brother-in-law, the money she spent was deposited into her bank every month by her mother. And the clothes she wore were taken from Beth’s boutique. She was tired of accepting gifts, she wanted to give gifts too. She wanted her own life, she hated this feeling of worthlessness.

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And she hated Godwin for confusing her thoughts, why did he have to be so handsome? why was he so put together? He had always been a jerk, he was still a jerk. A jerk who was a terrific kisser. Debby groaned as her mind went back to the kiss, she needed to move on from that, like that kiss happened a thousand years ago so, what was her problem?

Her problem was that Godwin made her insides soft and warm, cold and angry all at the same time. Why did one man affect her so much? How could she have conflicting feelings about him? The funny thing was that Godwin and her had started out as friends; they had been best friends. The decline in their friendship had begun when… No, she couldn’t think about that now.

What she needed to think about was how to make up with her sister, family was everything to Beth and Debby had hurt her deeply with the words she had spoken. This was not the first time they had gotten into an argument after all, they were sisters and one thing sisters did more than anything else was fight, it could be over shoes, hair brush, wigs, food, or even something as meaningless as what to watch on TV. The most serious fight Debby and Beth ever had, had been over Beth’s estranged friend Nessa but, even then they never crossed the line with each other. And Debby knew she had crossed the line and she also knew chocolate would not save the situation this time.

She was still thinking of ways to apologize to her sister, when her phone rang, the light from the phone’s screen was a sharp contrast to the darkness of the room. Debby had not turned on the lights before falling on her bed, fully clothed when she got back home.

It was her mom calling and Debby immediately knew why she was calling. Beth was a little pregnant snitch. Here she was thinking of how to get back on her good side. Debby sat up, as she answered the call.

“Heyyyy Mummmy” She said trying to sound excited and cheerful but, she was betrayed by the hiccup that followed. She always had hiccups after a crying fit; another reason she hated crying.


Godwin had left his brother’s house with his mind on one thing or rather, one person; Debby. He had never seen her like that. Okay so, he had always thought she was too composed and well put together, even almost perfect and somehow, he’d always known it was a cover, a mask. And, if there was anything he’d wanted so badly, it was to see the real Debby; it was something he had wanted since they were in secondary school. But, what he’d seen tonight was more than what he had expected. He had seen her cry and that had been too much for him.

Derek had drilled everything out of him, and he had said more than he had intended. He had started from the beginning; from their secondary school days.

He remembered now, how close he and Debby had been, he could even say they had been best friends even though they had different issues they had both been dealing with at the time. He remembered how disgusted they had both been when Derek and Beth started dating and how they used to laugh at them, when they snuck away to make out. Godwin and Debby had been so comfortable with each other, they had that silent communication thing, they were always together. It had taken them a lot of work and effort to convince, their brother and sister respectfully, that they weren’t a couple . But, the school hadn’t believed them and they had gotten in trouble with teachers more than once over the issue. Teachers were intolerant of dating among teenagers not to mention among students. And it was funny how Beth and Derek who were actually dating were not noticed by the teachers but Debby and Godwin who were not in that sort of relationship were.

But then, something had changed. Debby had snapped, she had suddenly become cold, harsh, and distant. She was like that to everyone but, never to him. He could not decipher what had happened or what he had done wrong to make her change. And then, his ego had kicked in, he wouldn’t beg her for her attention no matter how badly he wanted it. So, he did the only thing he knew would get her attention, he became nasty. Later, taunting her became a habit, he couldn’t let go of and thus, they found themselves at the point they were now.

Godwin knew he shouldn’t be driving in his present state; he wasn’t drunk but, tipsy counted as drunk driving, didn’t it? Talking to Derek about the past and the present had gotten to Godwin. Now, he desperately wanted to do what he should have ten years ago. He wanted to talk to Debby, he wanted to know what had really happened.

Seeing her explode at the table had awakened something in him, something he could not understand. But, all he knew was that he wanted to protect Debby. If she ever had a cause to cry again, he wanted his shoulders to be available for her to cry on.


After the phone call from her mom, which had started awkwardly at first, considering the fact that, her mom had called to chastise her for ruining dinner and that Debby had been trying desperately not to let her know she had been crying, eventually ended on a happier note. Mirabelle always knew the right things to say to make her daughters happy, even when she did not really know the reason for their unhappiness. Debby, had finally gotten off the bed, turned on the lights, took a shower and had put on her favorite night-gown.

Although, Beth had called the cream coloured oversized lace night-gown ‘ugly and unfashionable’, Debby loved the night-gown, it was comfortable and free. In her defense, Debby had replied that she didn’t need fashion to help her sleep.

“Even mummy will never be caught dead wearing that thing. ” Beth had insisted to Debby’s deaf ears.

Debby had gone back into the sitting room to watch TV, she wasn’t much a novel reader, that was Beth’s stuff. She had fallen asleep on the sofa while watching reruns of ‘Botched’ on ‘E’, only to be awakened by the harsh and persistent sound of the doorbell. Debby jerked awake disoriented and confused. It took her a few minutes to realize that noise was the sound of the doorbell.

The wall clock said two a.m., another program was running on the TV but, she was too disoriented to know what program it was. ‘Who could be ringing the doorbell at two.a.m?’ And then it hit her, Armed Robbers!!! She had stupidly left the lights on, and now she had attracted dangerous men.

Sleep totally cleared from her eyes but, her brain was still fuzzy, she tiptoed to the kitchen and grabbed the pestle from its resting place beside the fridge. And tiptoed back to the living room. Common Sense should have told her not to open the door but at that moment Debby wasn’t thinking.

She opened the door, with the intention of hitting the intruder or intruders with the pestle in her hand.

Thank God, she hesitated a bit or she would have hit a seriously drunk Godwin on the head.

”What are you doing here?” She asked bewildered and relieved at the same time. She realized how stupid she must look with the pestle clutched tightly with both hands. She gently dropped the pestle and opened the door wider for him. It was also at that moment that she agreed with Beth that her night-gown was truly ugly. But, what does it matter? It was just Godwin.

“I need to talk to you.” He said, staggering into the house as Debby shut the door behind him.

“You are drunk?” She asked as she shook her head disapprovingly. “What are you doing here at this time sef? I almost hit you in the head with the pestle. We can’t spend the rest of this year in the hospital again. Last year was bad enough, thank you very much. ”

“We need to talk.” Godwin said again as he tried to walk towards Debby who had gone back to the sofa where she had slept off. He tripped over a foot stool and Debby quickly stood to help him on reflex. But, Godwin was too big for her so they both fell. She crashed into the sofa with Godwin on top of her.

Hooray, we have gotten to the tenth episode of Accepting Love and, it is needless to say that the drama has only just begun.

So far, we have met Andr√© and April, the stalkers. Beth and Derek, the perfect couple or maybe not so perfect, read their love story ‘Remembering love(1)‘ although I’m trying expand their story but, you can still enjoy it in the meantime . And then we have Susan, the girl who is crazily in love with her boyfriend and the girl whom April sees as competition. And then finally, Debby and Godwin, the most confused human beings. As if things are not complicated enough, they have gotten themselves into a compromising situation. ** Sigh**

We shall all find out what happens on the sofa next week Friday, God willing. Until then, I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this episode.

Also, important notice, I have decided to turn ‘Addicted‘ into a full novel. So, I won’t be putting up new episodes any longer. I hope by this time next year Ma sha Allah, it will be out. Thank you for your love on these stories. Please keep showing your love by liking, sharing, subscribing (if you haven’t) and of course commenting.

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