Accepting Love: Episode Nine

Susan also left, after furiously refusing Godwin’s offer to drive her home. Beth retired to her bedroom leaving a still dumbfounded Derek and a very confused Godwin at the table.

“That escalated quite quickly.” Derek said when he finally found his voice.

“Shouldn’t you be with Beth now?” Godwin asked.

“Trust me bro, if I go in now, I’d have to sleep in the living room. So let me get us a bottle of wine and we can talk about this while we do the dishes.You are going to start from the beginning.”

“How are we going to drink wine, do the dishes and talk at the same time? ”

“Ah idiot…Now you can be technical abi? Derek said putting on his big brother face and tone.

Godwin sighed, he knew there as no escape whenever Derek turned on his big brother face. He had brought Susan to dinner because he felt he had to make it up to her for kissing someone else. And he should have kept his mouth shut but, he hadn’t wanted to miss the opportunity to call Debby out, he was still furious that she had not replied his text. Well, he hadn’t banked on the collected Debby losing her cool.

He had succeeded in ruining Beth’s dinner, he’d caused a fight between two people he had never seen fight and he had disrespected his girlfriend. Beth was a sweet human being he never wanted to offend, he was not certain about where his relationship with Susan was at the moment. But most of all, he was worried about Debby, he had never seen her like that, he was genuinely concerned.

Now, he had to do the dishes with his brother, while drinking wine and also explaining why he had kissed his sister-in-law, a question he had no answer to. Could life get anymore complicated? He sighed again as he got up to assist his brother in clearing the table. Everybody’s plate was half-full, what a waste.


André hated this.

He hated that he didn’t know anything about the woman he wanted to marry. How was he going to tell his mother about her. He would have to punish himself again tonight, for being so negligent about the woman he loved. And then tomorrow, he would find out who Debby had gone to visit in the big mansion, so late in the night. He also wanted to know why she had left the mansion crying. He had not known his Debby for long but he knew she wasn’t a crier, her tears were expensive. Someone had done something to hurt her.

Was it a man? Had he touched her? God knows he would kill whomever had hurt her? No one was allowed to touch her except him.

He also wanted to know who the woman who had stormed out angrily after Debby was, but there was no time. He had to follow Debby to make sure she got home safe. He had punished himself for not following her home the last time they went on a date and, he had learned his lesson.


To say April had been a little afraid was an understatement, when Susan had told her that Godwin was going to introduce her to his family at the family’s monthly dinner tradition. Family was important to African men. Family introduction meant seriousness, attending family gatherings meant marriage.

April had been scared that Godwin was finally taking Susan seriously, it meant she was no longer a glorified mistress. No, April couldn’t accept that, so she had discreetly followed behind when Godwin came home to pick Susan up. Her joy had known no bounds when Susan stormed out angrily without Godwin as an escort. It meant that the dinner hadn’t gone well at all.

April had been elated but then, she had also noticed something weird. Someone had been waiting in a black SUV and like her the person had been watching the mansion. But, what was weirder was that the car had followed after Godwin’s sister-in-law.

Yes, she knew everything about the man she was destined to marry. She didn’t particularly like Debby because she came off as a snub, and a bitch who never showed emotions. April also knew that as jobless as Debby was, she drove an Avalon. So, it was a surprise to see her crying and on foot.

Out of curiosity more than concern, April ignored Susan who had come out only few seconds after Debby, and followed behind the SUV; April had to know what was going on.

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  1. The twists and turns keep the series more exciting. April! The bad belle girl! Andre, the lova boi! Godwin! He thinks he can have his cake and eat it too! More power baby girl.

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