Accepting Love: Episode 8

Contrary to what Debby had thought, Godwin’s girlfriend was perfect. If anybody could contest for the position of Black Barbie with Nicki Minaj, it would be Susan.
She was tall, she had cream coloured skin and was very curvy. Her centre part straight weave added to her classiness as well as her body con pink dress and Gucci purse. There was no way one could be as perfect as this; she had to be a bimbo, all beauty and no brains. But, once again, Debby was disappointed. Not only was Susan a medical doctor, she could also hold a good conversation. She said the right things to make everybody laugh and she also happened to have a vast knowledge of politics, something Debby knew nothing about and didn’t care to know either.
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Everyone was enamoured by her and quite frankly, as much as Debby wanted to hate, she couldn’t, and it irritated her. She didn’t understand why she was so irritated. Maybe it was the way everyone seemed to be at her service, or the way Godwin looked lovingly at her. Debby shook her head, there couldn’t be love there because Godwin was a jerk who had kissed her. Debby almost stabbed herself with her fork, why did she have to think about the kiss?

“Are you alright?” Beth asked Debby feeling a little concerned.

“Do I look sick?” Debby snapped and immediately felt guilty for snapping. Conversation had stilled at the table and everyone watched her curiously.

“What? ” She snapped again.

“You have been acting weird all day, are you sure you are okay?” Derek asked genuinely concerned. And Debby gave him a look that said ‘really.’ While Beth narrowed her eyes at her.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds and then conversation resumed. Apparently they had been discussing how hectic their jobs were. A conversation Debby couldn’t take part in because she was unemployed.

“Well, as stressful as my job is, I totally love what I do. So, in a way I think the stress is worth it? ” Susan said and everyone nodded in agreement, everyone but Debby.

Derek was about to say something when Debby decided she’d had enough.

“Guys please stop talking about your jobs, your relationships, politics or even the weather. Please just stop talking okay and let me enjoy my food in peace.” Debby said all at once, that she had to catch her breath when she finished. She was furious for a reason she couldn’t explain.

“Take a chill pill madam, it’s nobody’s fault that you don’t have a job and besides I offered you the job but you didn’t take it.” Godwin retorted, he knew he shouldn’t have said anything because he’d noticed just like everyone else how distant she’d been.

“I didn’t take the job because you kissed me, you asshole.” Debby said and everyone gasped.

“Kiss… What is she talking about?” Susan asked seriously confused and scared at the same time.

“Oh he didn’t tell you how he got that wind on his lip, is that you didn’t notice it, what kind of girlfriend are you? ”

“What exactly his going on here?” Susan asked Godwin sternly and the same time clutching her fork.

“Yes, what exactly is going on?” Beth asked, her perfect dinner was perfectly ruined, she knew that. But, she still wanted to know what was going on, oh she loved drama. Derek on the hand, was too stunned to talk.

“I can explain.” Godwin started, his own words sounded lame even to him.

Debby snorted and Susan turned her anger on her. “Oh please keep quiet and let him explain.”

“Abeg don’t shout at me. You think you can have it all, a perfect body, a perfect face, a perfect job , a perfect man? No you can’t!” Debby was being unnecessarily mean but she couldn’t help it.

“Debby, get a grip of yourself.” Beth chided.

“Get off your high horse Beth, Now that you suddenly have a perfect life, you have to force me to do this dirty family dinner. Stop trying to create the kind of family you wished we had, you can create it for yourself just leave me out of this. Stop forcing me to be a part of this sham, this nonsense. I am your sister and I will always be but, this monthly family gathering is not my thing.” Debby yelled, she was on her feet her now breathing heavily. Everyone stared at her unbelievably, even Susan had temporarily forgotten about the kiss.

“So I have forced you to come here every month? Sham, nonsense? Why did you pretend to like it? So much for being my best friend.” Beth said calmly, her voice shook slightly with unshed tears. She loved drama when she was not a part of it. And, her sister’s words had cut like a sharp knife.

It was at that moment Debby knew she fucked up for, she had made her sister cry. Forcing back her own tears, she stormed out of the dining room and out of the mansion.

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  1. What frustration can cause! Wa-freaking-woo! Aminah! Don’t u think we should start shooting these stories into movies? I kept on visualising the write up all the way. Well done dear!

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