Accepting Love: Episode Four

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“I’m sorry for bumping into you like that, I wasn’t looking.” The fellow apologised as he handed her the bag. Debby looked at him like he was the devil.

“Damn right, you weren’t.” Debby snapped at him and snatched the bag out of his hands.

“I just said I’m sorry.” He responded feeling defensive.

“Oh really because you said sorry, everything is suddenly fine. My shirt is ruined, my glasses are broken, and I can’t buy ice cream because of you. And you think your apology suddenly fixes everything. Listen to me; I have had a really crappy day so just leave me alone to go home in peace.” With that she walked away as fast as she could from the guy before she got tempted to hit him on the head with one of her new shoes.

“That was tactless of me and I am sorry once again.” The man said as he caught up to her, she hadn’t even been aware that he was following her. He was really tempting her to create a scene because she would hit him with her shoe and damn the consequences if, he didn’t stop following her. So, to avoid temptation, she just kept on walking as if she did not see him.

“Please let me make it up to you. I’ll drive you to wherever you are going… I’ll buy you ice cream.” He said almost breathless, trying to keep up with her was like running a race. How did someone so small have so much agility?

She stopped walking and turned to face him, “did you just say you will buy me ice cream?” She asked unaware that she was clutching the complimentary bag that housed her shoes to her chest. It was something she had done unconsciously to cover her stained shirt.

“Yes I did, it is the least I can do for ruining your day.” He said, still trying to catch his breath.

“Hmm” Debby said as she gave him a once over. He was someone who could be considered good-looking. He had a strong jawline; he had small eyes and squint lines beside them probably because he wore reading glasses a lot. His nose was slightly too big and literally had a W-shape. But, his lips were something she would like to refer to as perfectly kissable, they were small, round and still managed to be full. But, that wasn’t what she found the most attractive about him; his eyes should be his most treasured asset, they were grey and the glistened when he turned towards the sun. She was almost tempted to ask if he wore contacts. But, that would be rude and, she did not understand what it was with her and ridiculous temptations. He wasn’t bald like Godwin, he had one of those haircuts where back of their head was clean-shaven and the front hair was left. She wasn’t particularly a fan of the haircut but somehow his managed to fit his face. And the hair that was left in front looked so soft and curly that she resisted the urge to reach out and touch it. He didn’t have beards and she spotted a light dimple on his left cheek which deepened anytime he talked. He wore a dark grey kaftan and trousers which complimented his dark skin and he wasn’t as tall as Godwin was. Godwin was 6’3 but this guy here barely made 6ft. She wasn’t good with measurements. Why was she comparing this guy to Godwin, they had nothing in common? This here was a gentleman offering to take her home and buy her ice cream; he was the exact opposite of Godwin.

“So what do you say?” He asked smiling and his dimple deepened.

“Okay, sure.” She said finally and smiled at him. The thought that he could be a serial murderer briefly crossed her mind but she ignored it. How often did someone offer to buy her ice-cream?

“My name is André by the way.” He said as they turned back towards their way to Creams ‘n’ Sweets, her favourite confectionary.

“I’m Deborah.” She answered smiling back at him.


Godwin lay on top of his massive bed facing the ceiling with his hands behind his head and his legs crossed. It had been a stressful day for him; he and Derek had attended meetings back to back. They had a lot of things to prepare for now that they were thinking of expanding their business. They had to meet with a lot of investors and also had to get the approval of board, and so many other company businesses. Right now, he should be asleep because he had to start early tomorrow but, he just couldn’t keep his mind off Debby. What had happened in his office today?

He really needed an assistant; he had fired his former assistant because of her incompetence. He needed someone to organise his meetings and keep track of the things he needed to attend in fact, he needed someone to organize his life. He never knew where he kept his things, he was always yelling for his housekeeper to help him find something that was right in front of him. His office life had been in a mess since he fired his assistant, he had been borrowing Derek’s assistant but, it was not just the same.

His joy had known no bounds when Derek had asked for the favour of hiring Debby as his assistant. He had agreed to it immediately for so many reasons. For one, Debby knew how to get it together, she was fantastic under pressure. She had proved herself when his brother had been in a coma and her sister had left everything to stay with him at the hospital. Debby had held Elizabeth’s business together and even when things suddenly went downhill Debby had managed to keep her sister from falling apart.

Second reason he had agreed immediately was that he had been attracted to her since secondary school, and he enjoyed taunting her. At first, they had started out as friends, but they had both been kids dealing with their own issues so, somehow their friendship had dissolved and they could barely stand each other. Everything would have been perfect, he would have had a very good assistant and he would have also gotten the opportunity to torment her. It sounded childish but, taunting Debby was his guilty pleasure.

But, what had he done? He had pushed her off the edge, insulted her abilities to work for him. He had overestimated how important the job was to her, he had forgotten that he was dealing with a very proud woman. And as if that had not been enough, he had kissed her, what had he been thinking? One would have thought that she was attracted to him by the way she responded to him but then, she had bitten him. She was the devil’s daughter, who cuts a man like that? Then he had crowned all his misbehaviour by laughing at her. But, he couldn’t help it, the situation just seemed funny to him and now he had no assistant.

He smiled despite the pain it caused him and wondered how there could be so much fire in someone so small. She was a petite chocolate skinned woman with beautiful black eyes, a smart brain and a smart mouth. If the world was different and he wanted different things from life, maybe they would have had something. But, they both still nursed wounds gotten from past battles. Besides, Deborah was his sister- in- law. She was not someone to mess with; his brother would kill him if he found out that he had kissed her but, there he was still thinking of ways to bury himself inside her, what the hell was wrong with him? He seriously needed to chill.

“Did that baby get up because you were thinking of me?” A sultry voice said.

“Who else would I be thinking of?” He smiled as he sat up to take a good look at his girlfriend. His erection had increased at the sight of her so, there was no point telling her that his ‘baby’ didn’t get up because of her. He hadn’t heard her come in but, he was grateful for her presence. Susan, his girlfriend stood wearing red lingerie and black stiletto shoes at the foot of his bed, her ebony skin glistened under the dim yellow light in his room as she flipped her twenty-four inches straight weave, smiling seductively at him.

“Don’t tell me you came all the way from your house wearing only this?” he asked but, there was no anger his voice.

“Don’t tell me you are jealous of other men seeing me like this?” She asked as she climbed the bed and straddled him. Godwin was happy that he was shirtless and was commando under his pyjamas pant for, it was going to be a long sinful night.

“Do you want me to be jealous?” He whispered as he kissed her shoulder and gently pulled down the strap of her bra.

“Baby, what happened to your lip?” Susan frowned lightly, her voiced laced with suspicion as she ran her fingers lightly over his lips. Godwin froze for a moment, he hadn’t even thought of the possibility that his girlfriend would question his bruised lip; he had to come up with something quick.

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