Accepting Love: Episode One

Author’s Note 

Hey Guys remember ‘Remebering Love’, Elizabeth and Derek’s story?  I’m you do because you all loved it,judging by the views and reactions the series got.Well if you don’t you can click on the PDF file at the end of the post, to read the full story since I already deleted it from the blog along with my old posts. This is Godwin and Deborah’s story.I heard your advice, this series is will be more engaging and I can promise you that this won’t have an abrupt ending like Remembering Love did.  I haven’t found the appropriate cover for the story yet but,when I do I’ll insert it into the post.Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Accepting Love!


If someone had told Deborah Adedayo Smith that when she graduated from the university four years ago, she would end up working for Godwin Onimide-Coker, not only wouldn’t she have believed it, she would have made an eternal enemy with whoever had said it. But there she was, about to step into the office of a man she despised for an interview and, it was all her sister’s doing.

Elizabeth, Deborah’s sister was married to Derek, Godwin’s brother.  Derek and Godwin were both into importing and exporting and were both co- CEO Coker Holdings PLC. The four of them had both attended the same secondary school, where Elizabeth and Derek’s love had begun and Deborah and Godwin’s hatred had begun.

“It is not too late, you haven’t knocked yet.” Deborah told herself as she stood in front of the elegant mahogany door. Damn Elizabeth for putting her in this situation. If she turned back now, she would be jobless, she couldn’t return to managing Beth’s boutique and she wasn’t ready to work for her mother as an administrator in her school, she loved her mother but, she could be slightly overbearing. And if she turned back it would prove what Godwin had always of thought of her. Why did she have to think about what he thought about her? He was a chauvinistic pig. This was her chance, she would put him in his place once and for all, and the job was after all temporary.  Just until she got somewhere better to work. But who was she kidding, people would die to have the job she was about to get, working for the youngest billionaires in the country was no joke.

She sighed, it was now or never. She braced herself, took a deep breath and knocked on the door and she got his permission to enter into his office. And she had to admit that she was impressed with his office. It had the class and elegance that a billionaire’s office should have, she could feel the softness of the carpet under her stiletto heels, the office of the walls were immaculate, if only the person who owned the office was as pure as the walls, it was fully air conditioned that she felt a chill run up her body. At least she convinced herself that it was the air conditioner that made her shiver not the wholesome manliness of the person who sat behind the grand glass table that had his name tag with the title CEO. And he was working on his desktop; he didn’t bother looking up to see who had entered his office. It was hard to believe the unkempt, untidy and unruly boy that she had gone to school with was the man who owned the office. Miracles do happen indeed.

He was clad in black three piece suit, his groomed black beards complimented his light skin and somehow his clean shaven head enhanced his sexiness. His whole aura oozed sex appeal and she suddenly felt hot all over. She didn’t know how that happened, because just a couple of seconds ago the room had been too cold for her.

“Am I that handsome?” he asked still without looking at her.

“Excuse me?” She asked. She had been so enamoured that she hadn’t what he had said.

“I asked if I was so handsome that you can’t help but ogle at me” He said, finally taking his eyes off the computer to look at her, his long lashes veiled the darkness his eyes caused by his desire for her.

“I wasn’t ogling.” She snapped. She cancelled everything she had been thinking about, he may look better and more handsome than he had ever been but, he was still uncultured and full of himself. No matter how much you clean a pig it would still play in the mud.

He smiled at her, the type of smile that a predator gave his prey, his eyes trailed all over her body, if looking at someone could undress a person, she would have been naked by now with only her stiletto heels on. She had known this was going to happen and she had done her best to dress as decently as she could, she had chosen a straight black pencil knee length gown with the a low slit at the back and she had complimented it with a black Michael Kors purse. But, little did she know that the gown did all it could to accentuate her curves.

“You remember that promise I made to you back in secondary school?” He asked in his deep baritone voice. His eyes had become darker as he imagined what her tightly styled natural hair would feel like in his hands after her he had loosened them, would they be soft or would they be coarse as most natural hair are known to be? It would be utmost pleasure for him to find out.

“What promise are you talking about? I came here for an interview.” Debby said, although she remembered the promise and how it had all come to be. But, she would rather not think or talk about it.

“I’ll remind you” he said, his voice had taken a low tone and if she did not hate him, she might have considered his tone seductive. “I am going to have you squirming with pleasure in my bed.” 

To be continued Next Week Friday!!!

Remembering Love PDF

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  1. Amina! God bless you for reposting a permanent version of remembering love. Well done dear.
    I must say though, pls, improve on proof reading. A few repetition of same words. I’m sure you understand me, no harshness intended. Only for the good of the blog.. Well done.

  2. Hey girl..I was checking your website and I couldn’t find any stories..pleassssssssse update at least a story per week..and thanks for this (Accepting love) feels like am the one accepting love thanks to reading this story..

  3. Your a good writer and your stories are just so hard to put down..let me just confess to you girl am addicted to reading your stories..I was in the rural areas, i had no internet to go online so I went to a cyber just to see if you’ve posted something.. If that ain’t addiction I don’t know what is!!

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